Participants and volunteers had wonderful things to say about last year’s event. Here is a selection of the testimonials we received.

From participants:

“Very friendly volunteers and made the day easier for people in wheelchairs.”

“Absolutely a blessing, thank you so much for making Christmas special.”

“Thank you very much for this event! The event was excellent and fun! I will definitely recommend this event to a friend.”

“It was a very lovely meal, with great company and fantastic entertainment.”

“The food was delicious and the company was wonderful, I wasn’t lonely at all. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you once again. Lovely event. Thank you for all your kindness – would be lonely if not for all your good work. Merry Christmas.”

“Great day – thank you all the volunteers.”

“Absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t believe the organisation, quality, presentation and overall superb service.”

“Congratulations and huge thank you to all volunteers.”

“The volunteers are fantastic.”

“I was very surprised at how good it was being my first time with my two kids. We loved it. Everyone was super friendly and the food was great. Would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you.”

“A job well done and very enjoyable. Thank you!”

“A wonderful Christmas celebration event.”

From volunteers:

“Wonderful event. Such a fantastic opportunity for the community to come together as one.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a small part of making a Christmas Day experience a wonderful one for our community.”

“Well done to all for pitching in, Merry Christmas. Lots of smiling faces, beautiful performances and gifts. Terrific event!”

“First time volunteering – beautiful experience. Thanks.”

“I would like to volunteer next year, it was a positive experience.”

“It was a pleasure to work with you and see so many enjoying the day which couldn’t have run more smoothly thanks to your organisational abilities and team of supporters.”